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Ropeadope is different. We are a distributed collaborative network of independent artists, record labels, and listeners. Our mission is to strengthen the independent side of the music business by tending to the connections within the network. Our strategy has helped hundreds of artists, from the unprecedented rise of Snarky Puppy to the unveiling of Terrace Martin's Sounds Of Crenshaw label, to that band you have never heard of. 2017 will see the release of over 60 records from Ropeadope and related labels, and now we are opening the door for avid listeners to join the family through the Ropeadope Collectors Club. We have embraced Bandcamp since their very first month and are thrilled that the company has connected so many listeners directly with artists.

The Ropeadope Collectors Club will give you access to all of our new releases and select titles from our imprints, with a 40 % discount on all Ropeadope and artist merchandise. On top of that, we will be offering early streams of many of our titles and unique collectors club extras to give you a look under the hood of this dynamic and growing network. We have also curated a cool selection of catalog releases for you, and will selectively add more based on your suggestions.

Making great music and keeping the lights on is a challenge these days, and we at Ropeadope are working hard to help artists keep the creative energy flowing. We hope you will join us on our mission, and we look forward to connecting with each of you.

The Ropeadope Collectors Club is open to the first 100 subscribers at the founder's rate of $100.00 per year.

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